Oblates of St. Francis de Sales

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It is not easy to describe the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. It has been our desire from the beginning, I believe, to be a community of men who live in the world imitating Christ. Individually it is impossible to model Christ in all his perfection, but together as a religious family in many parts of the world and through various ministries we imitate Christ in his teaching, praying, and proclaiming the Good News to all. We have done some truly wonderful things for and with Him; we are making the world a better place. I am blessed to be part of this community.”   – Oblate priest

The Oblates of St. Francis de Sales are called to reprint the Gospel – the life, teaching, and witness of Jesus – in their lives. This is a call to follow Jesus Christ and to live life as he did by following his example of prayer, community, and ministry.

Prayer was a constant for Jesus. He prayed to God in times of delight and in times of stress. He prayed both for his friends and for himself. There was nothing that did not come into Jesus’ prayer and was not offered to the Father. We Oblates gather for prayer: the Liturgy of the Hours, meditation, and the Eucharist so that we may “unite ourselves to the Lord” (SD Article 10) to serve Christ in those we meet.

Jesus’ life was also a life of ministry and of service to others. There was nothing Jesus would not do to help those in need. In like manner Oblates of St. Francis de Sales follow Jesus by engaging in diverse ministries. From school teachers and administrators, to retreat directors, pastors, painters, missionaries, and army chaplains – just to name a few – the Oblates live and work with others around the world.

Ed_Bishop_Joe_Brian2Jesus also did not do his ministry alone. He was surrounded by the disciples – men who worked, prayed, and lived with Jesus during his ministry and formed his most immediate community. Following the example of Christ, Oblates live in community surrounded by their brother Oblates who pray, work and live with them often in common and shared ministries and apostolates.

Throughout his ministry Jesus called many to follow him – to join him in his life of prayer, community, and ministry, as he proclaimed the Kingdom of God on earth. Is Christ calling you to do something radical? Is he calling you to reprint the Gospel – to live so that others can see the life, teaching, and witness of Jesus in your life? Would you like to live with others who share your own desire for unity with God through common prayer, meaningful and shared ministry, and the support of a community?

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