Annual Appeal – Toledo-Detroit Province

Dear friends,

This letter is the one time each year that we Oblates ask for your support for our ministry. The contribution you make to this appeal will be used to support the men of our Province. Specifically, your support will educate our seminarians, support our efforts in vocations, and accompany our senior priests and brothers in their need as they age.

For the past three years, I’ve held the responsibility of Mission Procurator for the North American Provinces of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales. I’m sure you’re familiar with a mission priest visiting your parish preaching on a summer weekend. They are usually there to request your support for missions in some faraway land. Being the Oblate Mission Procurator means you’re the individual who coordinates this work for the Oblates, dealing with many dioceses, local parishes, and Oblates from distant places. Often I found myself thinking that I was acting as a religious travel agent.

As tedious as the job was, at times, it was also gratifying. In this position, I had the opportunity to meet Oblates from around the world ministering in places with significant challenges and few resources. I am grateful for the opportunity given me to experience the dedication and joy in which these Oblates engaged in their ministry out of love for the people they serve, the Church, and the Lord.

You have supported Oblates around the world and here in the United States. While I’m no longer the Mission Procurator for the Oblates, I am fulfilling a similar role as the Provincial of the Toledo-Detroit Province of the Oblates.

As I work closely with the Oblates of our Province, I see the same dedication and love in them for the people whom they serve. I see Oblates devoting their lives to ministry in parishes, retreat centers, and the education of youth. I  see Oblates in specialized ministries: preaching parish missions, working with the deaf, and ministry to Spanish speaking peoples in both Mexico and the migrant camps here in the United States.  Our men give all they have for the good of all they serve. The dedication and love expressed in the joy Oblates have in their ministry is inspiring and a great gift to the Church.

 I ask you to be generous in your support, knowing that it is used entirely for the good of the Church. Be assured of our gratitude and prayers for you and your family. We pray for you every day.

 In Christ,

V. Rev. Jack Loughran, OSFS