Annual Appeal – Toledo-Detroit Province

Thanksgiving, 2018

Dear Friends,

David Brooks, in his book The Road to Character, compares résumé virtues and eulogy virtues. Résumé virtues are those valued by employers such as efficiency, productivity and work experience. Eulogy virtues are those recalled at funerals, like goodness, kindness, and generosity. Jesus praises the poor widow who gave “two small coins worth a few cents,” not for her business acuity but for her generosity, for she contributed from her livelihood. Throughout the gospels Jesus recommends eulogy virtues. Throughout our lives eulogies recommend those who lived like Christ.

In our ministries we are blessed to interact frequently with so many good people whose days are living examples of those profound virtues. The daily ministerial outreach of the Oblates could not continue without all the good, kind, loving people sharing so generously of their time, talent, and treasure.

There are many requests this time of year, even by us Oblates, for specific parishes, schools and missions. This is the one appeal we do annually for the Oblate community itself, asking your help to educate our seminarians and care for our senior priests and brothers. We deeply appreciate your support.

Please be assured of our prayers for you and those you love.  As our friends and benefactors, we pray for you everyday.

Sincerely in St. Francis de Sales,




V. Rev. Kenneth McKenna, OSFS, Provincial